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Diana Krueger: “I don’t believe in marriage. I believe in heart affection “

She left the provincial town to the capital of fashion. Left the catwalk and became a movie star. Foreign languages have become almost relatives for her. She broke up with the men with whom she was associated with the years of relations. Veteran of transformations and fateful changes Diana Cruger is convinced: there is nothing more practical than desperate acts.

Awkwardness overtakes me right away-due to incontinence. As soon as she appears in The 101 Coffee Shop in Hollywood on Franklin Avenue, passes to my table next to the counter and holds out my hand … I blurt out: “And you have a gait not a model at all!”To which she speaks calmly and affably:“ So I’m not a model! And you have a meeting with the model?”

But she really is not at all the same as they used to perceive Diana Krueger-a former top model, darling of Karl Lagerfeld, the face of several brands and a girl from the covers. She is not the one that started in Hollywood, barely coming off the catwalk-and immediately the role of someone, but Elena Beautiful, and not just in the film, but in the Megablockbaster “Troy” with Brad Pitt.

She is low, fragile, some kind of transparent, clear-eyed, serious, polite. She is diligent. This can be seen by the accuracy of her white, ironed shirt and arrow on black trousers, on brilliant black half -bots. She is prone to perfectionism – this is obvious in her new role in the picture “On the limit”. She speaks without an emphasis on American English and in Parisian French, but she is a German, very German: “I’m not late, even when I want to be late”. She is here, in this American diner, a committed foreigner-a northerner under the scorching Los Angeles sun, a foreign body


among tanned California bodies.

She retained her atypical, even becoming a star here. She has other idols (about the recent filming with Katrin Deneuve in the thriller “all shares us” she says excitedly), but her dimensionality, seriousness, European style remind of the Garbo Garbo, the greatest local star and a northerner who resolutely left the city of Dainers and SofitesAt the Zenith of Glory at 42.

Diana Kruger now 41. Judging by her interview, speaking of a person or a person in a profession, she loves to use the word “take place”. And she took place-she overcame her burgher origin and fashion, played a brilliant spy in “inglorious bastards” Tarantino and a detective with Asperger’s syndrome in the famous series “Most”. She visited the jury of the Berlin festival and became the laureate of Cannes as the best actress – and in her acting dossier there is now Shakespearean force in the film “On the Limit” Fatikha Akin.

She, this beautifully-produced, thin-shed woman, probably not without satisfaction, summarizes preliminary results. Well, I think so.

Diana Kruger: Yes you! Just the opposite – all the most interesting in front! Great freedom – in the profession, from its appearance, from the body. And over time and from the profession! 70% of my acting life is French cinema and Paris. And this is the best city for aging women. It is not a shame to be elderly, they do not hide the years. Years – this is what makes us unique – the imprint of the experience, experience. I’m still going to become a cheerful Parisian old woman! And stylish!

Psychologies: You’re joking, but pronounce. “Freedom from your appearance, from the body” … as if your appearance is some kind of terrible ultrasound. We, people of medium data, are used to believe that beauty is just a great degree of freedom. I suspect you of cocketing.

And completely in vain. I have a practical German attitude to my own appearance instrumental. She led me out of the provincial town to two thousand inhabitants – she is well done. She brought me to the podium to her own money and absolute independence – well done again. She allows me to be an actress. And this is really my business … So again – thanks to her. But she is not alone trying. I mean something too. And I do something. And I mean more.

You know, I was engaged in ballet as a child? I was obsessed with them. At 11, when we began to go to London, to the Royal Academy of Ballet, on the exchange between ballet schools, I knew for sure that I would be a black swan and Giselle. And the appearance here did not help, only exhausting labor, hard discipline and cruel drill. When at 15 I realized that my body simply could not cope with the task, my appearance also had nothing to do with. This is me, it was I who could not become Giselle. And that was an important lesson. Maybe the most important of those that need to be obtained in youth.

You don’t have to achieve what you want. And so it will always be. Life owes you nothing. But the ballet taught me a more important thing – that feelings, anger, joy, it doesn’t matter which ones, can be canalize in art, in sense on stage. And as a result, this rage of mine-because of our family, because of the failure with the ballet, is my desire to break out, my teenage passion is in sight and somehow express myself pushed me out of our little town in Lower Saxony to Paris and in the model. The appearance was only … well, something like pedals at a bicycle. And there was no outstanding appearance then!

My friend, a classmate, was fond of photography, he made me an amateur portfolio and sent to a contest to a modeling agency. And for some reason I won. And my mother … When I told her that I had to go to Paris, I was very surprised: “Model? You? Yes, you don’t look like a model!”That is, yes, however – my height is not a model, only 170 cm, and then it was less … So, just a thin well -toned blonde.

And then you are not offended by mom?

You know, we had such … well, a somewhat chaotic life. My father drank terribly, was a real alcoholic – therefore, I did not know the taste of alcohol until 25 years old, I was afraid of heredity. Mom experienced with him, God knows that. I was 13 when she grabbed me and my brother, he was younger than me, and we quickly moved from home. Mom was left alone with two teenagers. There was little money, and things – on the contrary ..

You know that mothers always want all the best for us? She wanted me, as people, to graduate from school and become an accountant. A true piece of bread under all circumstances, and – for her it was very important – so that I would never depend on a man. The model perspective was seen by her just a full dependence-from male designers and owners of fashion houses. And from her point of view, the model is not a profession. And I wanted to go to the big world, away from our town and the family past.

Before Paris, we had to undergo training in Hamburg. Yes, for me, even Hamburg was the capital of the universe! Mom never allowed to quit school. She agreed to a year of absence – that I will try and, if there is no result, I will return to school. But everything worked out. Now I could also have a 16-year-old daughter. Yes, under any circumstances, I would not let her alone in Paris. And mom was able to. She believed in me – in my willpower, in rationality, in rationality. I felt it. And therefore was not offended, of course.

And then you ended the modeling career. Replaced the scope of activity. Did not stay in the fashion industry, as many models do. They did not marry the crown prince, the French or British aristocrat, as some of them were lucky ..

How to explain this … I am 22, I have an apartment in New York and an apartment in Paris. I fully support my mother with my brother. Everything is very good. But you understand … When two years later I saw that the fashion of the 60s returned for the second time in my model age … I realized-I go in a circle. Well, just … I push on the catwalk. I know well French and English except my native German. I go to museums, read books, almost every evening I dance in clubs. And, damn it, I don’t know anything about the world at all. Only the fact that the trends of the 60s are again in fashion.

No, I love fashion, I am friends with people from the industry, fashion makes us dream, imagine ourselves perfect. It actually has more fantasies than consumerism. But I have to do with it? Where am I? And who am I? I got so angry then! And I felt the strength of the power to become someone else. Actress – it seemed natural: from the podium on stage. From under sofitis-under the sofits. The feeling that something really important can be done here, say something significant, appeared later. We can say, only now – when I played in the film “On the Limit”.

The heart is busy

Joint surfing in Costa Rica, hugs on New York Street, the first official output together at the Toronto Film Festival, the appearance of the Golden Globe on the red carpet as a couple … The tabloids could not miss that Kruger had a new chosen one. And the chosen one is very picturesque. Norman Ridus is 49 years old, and he is twice colleague Krueger – an actor who became famous for the role in the “Walking Dead”, and the model – worked for Lexus, Prada and Levi’s. But he is also a sculptor, an artist, and a photographer. And a motor-enthusiast with a documentary route “on a bike with Norman Ridus” on the AMS TV channel. By the way, the show has a very revealing slogan: “Go Wild or Go Home” (“Side or sit at home”). Which seems to characterize not only this television product, but also its leading.